Saturday, 25 October 2014

Goal 10: Go to Sun City

As part of my 101 goals 2.0 I added travel more of the South African tourists sites. 
I was so thrilled when I got to complete  Goal  10. Go to Sun City. If you've watched Adam Sandler's movie blended you will know just how beautiful sun city is. 

With one day planned to explore the place where  the sun shines ever so brightly we got up early and headed to the North West province.  We spent the day in the water playing and swimming in the Valley of Waves, Tower of Courage and the  various tube slides. 



On the Lazy River

Tube slides

I had an amazing time and goal completed goal while facing a fear. of heights. I'm surprised that I'm still afraid of heights. I look forward to more shot left adventures. 

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

3rd Quarter of 2014

I started the well i am challenge and engaged quiet well on the instagram challenge. I went to see Mi-casa perform at Vaca Matta with some friends. I wrote a guest post for Chasing Joy where I am an official ambassador of the blog. Had some fun moments at Sunfit SA. 

Started on a high as it was my birthday month and was 
possibly the busiest month of the year. I went for a  benefit concert with Khaya Mtetwa, IdolsSA Season winner,  I had a media pass at the Good Food & Wine Show. I celebrated my birthday by having dinner with my friends. I went to surprise bachelorette party  and a wedding. I began working on my studies, book blogger event where I caught up with some familiar faces and shared some ideas. I continued with the well I am challenge. 

I started my second 101 goals list, while it might be incomplete I've already started working on completing the goals, with the first being Cape Town  and touring  on the red bus and went for  Lipidol Launch. I also went to a fitness charity event and worked out for 3 hours. I continued to receive amazing  gifts.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Delightful Tip - Save Money

I've always saved money since I was a little girl but the money just never seemed to accumulate to a decent amount. Due to lack of discipline  I always ended up dipping into my savings and ended up with no money. Since I started my 101 goal challenge I've been looking for ways to make my money go further so I would be able to accomplish them. My first attempt at challenge didn't succeed due to poor planning and no finances were set aside for the goals. So in an attempt to make money available I looked for saving tips. Here’s what I've found and even tried some of them.

  1. Stop using credit cards, they offer some benefits but overally you're spending money you don't have.  
  2. Change the pricing plan at your bank for something more favourable, bank charges are extremely high. Also Use cellphone, online banking and A.T.Ms for transactions instead of going directly  into the bank. *I particularly love my bank 
  3. Look out for specials in supermarkets and make purchases before the specials are over.
  4.  Take advantage of loyalty points and rewards given by a service provider, supermarket or bank. However wait for the points to accumulate before you use them so you can tell if their making a difference.
  5.  this one might sound strange but enter online giveaways you might be lucky and win.
  6. Use services that offer group, gender, age discounts.
  7. Use an insurance company that gives cash back.
  8. Pay bills on time because if you fail to do so you may be charged interest hence losing more money in the long run.
  9. Cancel your gym membership if you’re not going to the gym, why pay for something you're not using. 
  10. Make sure you have enough money for when your debit/stop orders are deducted.
  11. Take time to think about a purchase before you make it, do you want or do you need it. 
  12. This one you've heard over and over again before; spend within your limits  and use only the money you have. See where you're overspending and trim the fat. 
  13. Save money. Let’s face it you actually have to put money away.
  14. Eat at home more often and if you do eat out or buy take away choose the specials offered in certain food outlets.
  15. Settle all your accounts and close those i.e. accounts for clothes, cellphones, electric appliances and furniture; if you do want to buy them save money for them so you can pay cash once off.
  16. If a store offers lay bye then rather use that service than having an account. There’s no interest charged for lay bye.

Monday, 13 October 2014

I Completed the #wia100healthydays

On the 8th of October I completed my first well I am challenge.  I'm so proud of myself for sticking out. Though the end wasn't as strong as the start I must confess. I did lose momentum somewhere along the way and seemed difficult  to stay consistent.  However to celebrate I went and did the #SparRaceJhb the beautiful race. I ran the 5 km and improved on my time finishing the race at 46:01, as my time at the first Spar I did was 62.01 min in 2011. My time might even have been faster if I hadn't been taking selfies. 

This challenge has reminded of the athletic life I once had when I was school and how much fun I actually had. It's taught me to treat my body with respect in terms of the food I eat, the material I read and the amount of sleep I take. I got to challenge my body in ways I didn't feel were possible. I'm faster, stronger and even lighter.  I won't be using supplements after this though I overcame my fear of using but they are not for me. I want to work on meal planning and having more fruit and veggies intakes through smoothies, juices and salads. I'm still not a big of running "long" distances but I'm going keep at it, who knows I might end up loving it. not..... but I love the results. 

This might be the end of a challenge but it's certainly not the end of healthy living. In fact it's the beginning of a new chapter called building consistency in healthy living. 

A special thanks to the Lisa Raleigh group and all the amazing sponsors listed below 

I look forward to healthy and happier summer

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Completed Goal 2. Visit Cape Town

@The Airport

I had always wanted to visit Cape Town but I never had an opportunity to do so until last month. As part of my goals I want to experience South Africa as a tourist and  I was fortunate enough to get complimentary tickets for the Cape Town red bus which has a lot more sights to see and experience.

V & A Waterfront

I had a great time exploring and learning about this beautiful city, only sad that I was there for a short time.  I had 2 day tickets and a product launch to attend in between stops. It felt a little like the amazing race. The weather was not so great but it didn't stop us from enjoying ourselves.  Though it was difficult to get a close up view of the table mountain when we were there on day two. 

Camps Bay

Also completed goal 37. Visit a winery when we stopped at Groot Constantia on the wine route of the red bus tour. 

I look forward to my next trip back to Cape Town.

For more details about our trip check out my sister's Sandy's blog she wrote two posts.
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