Tuesday, 9 December 2014

How to survive Load shedding

Lately we've had load-shedding in South Africa. According to Eskom load-shedding is an effective way to avoid total collapse of the electricity supply grid and is a last resort to balance electricity supply and demand. This got me thinking about how much I rely on electricity and so I've come with a short list of stuff to do during load-shedding. 

Things to do during load-shedding:
1. Do any household chores that don't require electricity like washing the dishes or tidying up. 
3. Play games like 
 board or card games- you can still have fun
4. Go to bed (this is if it's at night and closer to bed time)
5. Unplug devices, you don't want you appliances and devices to be fried by a possible surge of power when the power gets back.
6. Don't complain on twitter about the power- by now everyone knows we are having load shedding so save your battery
7. Read a book- with this process going on for a bit you might as well catch up on some summer reading
8. If you're at work catch up on your filing or reading that boring manual or report. This of course is dependent on the lighting
9. Catch up on some writing, whether it's a blog post, that novel you've planning to write, a meal plan or even a prayer.

10. Do a crossword puzzle or word search. 

This to do when the power gets back on: 
1. Check the Eskom website for when the power will be cut next in your area so you can better plan especially for meals.
2. Charge all your devices and rechargeable batteries
3. Keep candles and lighters in a visible place.
4. Keep hot water in the kettle jug or get a flask
5. Stock up on canned foods and other foods that don't require to be cooked first. You don't  want to be paying for meals every day.

What other things would you do during load- shedding or in preparation of the next power outage? 

Monday, 8 December 2014

Book Review- I'll Take Manhattan

Book 1 of 2014

I haven't written a book review in a while and here's the first one of the year, I'll try to be more consistent in writing more reviews. 

 Judith Krantz- I’ll Take Manhattan
I rate this book 2 out of 5
Maxi Amberville was a spoilt, rich girl who did not understand the value and power of money. She loved getting what she wanted but struggled to win her mother Lily's affections.  The story flashes back and forth from when parents first met up to when she impulsively takes over one of her father’s magazines Button and Bows which she had no clue was failing. Maxi does manage to turn the magazine around much to her uncle Cutter’s disappointment and her mother Lily’s surprise.

I struggled to read this book even though it had many surprising and exciting twists.  It took me a long time to read it and I was happy that I managed to finish it. The ending was great as everything ended well, I love a good ending.  

What book/s have you struggled to read? 

"I use Grammarly's plagiarism checker sometimes" 

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Book Review - Wachuga Project

I rate this book: 3 out of 5 

I struggled to read this book in eBook format as i was my first time to read an eBook at the beginning but once  I got the hang of it I couldn't put my tablet down. I found the ending to be rather surprising and a little bit scary. I recommend you read it. I loved the character Jeremy's determination to beat his stuttering condition by excelling in everything else he did. 

About the book: Jeremy Barnard appears to be a normal kid. He's good looking, well-mannered, from an affluent family, has even earned valedictorian of his class. A perfect recipe for success. Then why is his life one, big, epic fail? Because every time he tries to speak, a complete and utter mess comes out. School life is hell, with Jeremy's Neanderthal peers mocking him at every turn.
Jeremy longs for a normal life. He'd give anything for the ability to socialize at a party, or to tell his high school crush, Samantha, that she's beautiful... give everything to earn his father's respect and no longer be a laughing stock.
Little does Jeremy know, his salvation lies in Calvin Ortiz, a hot-headed, maniacal thug who stumbles upon something extraordinary while hiking with his brother in the jungles of Costa Rica - a plant... a beautiful, vibrant green plant teeming with delicate, fuzzy flowers that look good enough to eat and that’s exactly what he does. In the ensuing moment of stoned clarity, Calvin contacts the one person he knows with enough connections to turn his discovery into some serious bank. And with that one phone call, The Wachuga Project is born, and Jeremy's life, for good or ill, will never be the same. Sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for...
The Wachuga Project by Douglas E. Wolfert 
ISBN: 978-1629670263 
Publisher: Stage 5 Publishing 
Date of publish: September 2014 
Pages: 311 
S.R.P.: $12.95
 Psychological Thriller
schwartz - wolfert

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Celebrating my 4th Bloginversary

I've been blogging for 4 years now and while I've felt like giving up I'm glad I didn't. This year has opened me up to so many exciting opportunities. I got to work with some amazing brands like Lisa Raleigh Group when I did the #wia100healthydays challenge and became a Chasing Joy ambassador. I continued to write for Citysightseeing and even went to Cape Town to explore and write about the Cape Town Red bus.  I also attended two blogger meetup for Joburg bloggers and am now list on the blogshareconnect directory. While I still feel that my blog has room to improve I glad with progress I've made. 

 Total 227 (54 for 2014
+50104 (16278 for 2014 alone)

My favourite posts that I wrote for 2014 were:
1. 29 & Delightful my 29th birthday celebration and the lessons that came with it 29 & Delightful
2. Those awkward times at the gym- awkward gym moments
Most read post for 2014 were:
most views- 301 views When I shared about my guest post for Chasing Joy. Chasing Joy guest-post

most read personal - When I was preparing to start the #wia100healthydays- 203 views in the well i am challenge

I still believe there's more to be learned in the blogsphere and my blog has room for growth, something I realise I say every year end. 2015 promises to be the that my blog becomes the kind of blog I dream it will be. Looking forward to work with my more brands and bloggers. 

Monday, 17 November 2014

Blogger meetup #JoziMeetup 2

Last Saturday I attended the second #jozimeetup for bloggers in Joburg. Though most of the bloggers who attended the last were mommy bloggers I decided to attend this second one again as I knew there was a better program than the first time. 


About the speakers and topics

Keeping Your Kids Safe Online by Hayley Owen an actress, presenter on Ballz Radio and Director of Actorvate! Hayley spoke on how to keep our kids safe online, since I don't yet have any kids I thought about tuning out, but when I heard Hayley speaking I was drawn in and her presentation was well thought out and researched. Surprise, surprise I learned a thing or two about how I personally can be safer online and of course what kind of footprint I'm likely to leave online. She also challenged us to give ourselves a digital-makeover and remove anything that is inappropriate on our blogs and social networks. 

Tips to cement your personal brand Stacey Vee a blogger,  entrepreneur,  wife and mother. Stacey shared her life story and how she started her blog about being the parent of a specila needs child and later reinvented herself. She got me thinking about what message I'm putting out there and most importantly who's receiving. Tip 3. There's power in a name just made it clear that I truly needed to change the name of my blog as it just too risqué. "Just google search and you will see what I mean.  I have been thinking about changing it for a while now and will do so in the new year. 


I was happy to see some improvements from the first event 1. Badges with our twitter handles and names to make more identifiable to other bloggers present. 2. Two speakers teaching us on particular subjects. I'm glad to see that Laura took our feedback well and applied it in the preparations of this second event. 3. Indoor conference room with projector (last time we sat outside and I wasn't dressed for the cold weather) 4. Breakfast prepared and waiting for us. Love the healthy options too. Laura is so sweet. She considered fitness crazed people like me. 5. I won again guess it's true I'm a  winner.  It was a little cute kid who was very attentive and deliberate in drawing out my name from the lucky draw. 


Live tweeting and taking notes is sign that we are concentrating

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