Thursday, 28 August 2014

Week 8: #wia100healthydays

This week saw me reaching the half way mark of the challenge. While I did not go to any of the SunfitSA classes I was very physical and did a lot of walking while sorting out errands. It was a relaxed and restful week. I celebrated my 29th birthday with healthy and not so healthy food.

I did however manage to do my Sunday walk 2,78 km in 34 min. For some reason I keep forgetting to track my activities during the day. I'll try to be more conscience of it when I'm moving around. 

I recently started studying and am trying to figure out the best times to study and this has slightly affected my exercise routines with SunfitSA. I'm going to have to work out from home in the days I can't make the classes. I also need to get back into running on Saturdays the weather is much warmer now. 

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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Week 7: wia100healthydays

This  past week saw me challenging myself in the food side of healthy living. Now I haven't really been indulging myself with bad foods "cakes, sweets, pizza, alcohol etc but haven't made eating something to look forward to. Ask my sisters, they too are bored with my tried and tested ways of cooking. My mindset of " if it isn't broken why fix it" had to change particularly since it wasn't directed at food, i think. 

I've made simple steps like adding fresh fruit to my oats. maybe next week I'll try honey and cinnamon. We'll see :) My problem is I don't like cooking. 

As for exercise I went to kickboxing, boot-camp and yoga classes. I haven't been to a park run event in a while . I managed to go for my Sunday 3 km walk a fairly slow walk at 41 min 22 s


Wednesday, 20 August 2014

100 Foot Journey movie

In celebration of Women’s month Ster kinekor hosted a number of lady 
bloggers at their Sandton state of the art Cine Prestige. The cinema offers 
luxury at its best with large comfortable reclining seats and a place to keep 
your drinks cool as you enjoy the movie. Word has it that you will never want 
to watch a movie in the normal cinema. 

Seat reclined

The morning started off with Coffee and a wide selection of muffins followed 
by a pampering session from the ladies from Decadence Nail and Body 
Salon and Crabtree & Evelyn showcasing their new Fragrance Pear and Pink 

Crabtree & Evelyn
Coffee and muffins

Nail bar

The highlight of the morning was the movie 100 Foot Journey, a movie that follows a story of an Indian Family headed by Papa (Om Puri) that settles and opens a restaurant opposite an already successful restaurant owned by Madame Mallory (Hellen Mirren). The two restaurateurs at first clash, but end up working together by having Hassan (one of Papa’s sons played by Manish Daya) to work under Madam Mallory’s wing and eventually receive Michelin Stars for Madame Malory’s Restaurant and Hassan becoming a top Chef in Paris.The movie is filled with the finest French and Indian Cuisine, some romance and drama and lots of laughs in between and touch of Bollywood. 


Goodies and the novel

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Week 6: #wia100healthydays

This past week was a busy week once again with work, errands and social events. I managed to attend 3 of the SunfitSA classes; zumba, bootcamp and yoga in the week. I didnt do my 3 km walk but managed to walk a lot on Saturday while shopping. While I did not measure on the Endomondo app i know there was a time I walked for 30 minutes. Yoga is becoming more intense, we got pushed to our limits in an even greater way. I look forward to Thursdays more and more. 

I also completed the other fitness challenge I was doing #sleekgeek100 on Sunday. I'm still learning to be more aware of the healthy choices I can make to improve my life. I know I have a long way to go but I've come this far. 

I did a bit better on the #photoaday instagram challenge and came to realise that my favourite workout is the knee lifts which we mainly do in the kickboxing class. I hate the pain I feel after doing #squat. I look forward to an exciting week of clean eating and healthy training.

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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Awkward Gym Moments

I've been working out in an outdoor gym setup for a while now and it has been fruitful and fun. But There's also the awkward moments which make the gym rather interesting like the list below. 

  • Like when you wear white or light coloured panties with a pair of black tights its see through and everyone can see your panties. *I've done this*
  • The most funny one is when someone farts in the class it's particularly if it's a loud fart however it's awkward if it's a silent stink bomb.
  • Sweating while it is natural thing it gets awkward when you sweat through your gym clothes particularly the crotch area and it ends up looking like you peed your pants. 
  • This is a classic- Wardrobe malfunctions like your pants falling off or even worse your pants ripping maybe even a hole in your tights. 

  • What about gym lingo there's certain words you never hear outside the gym. Gluts, quads, jab, utkatasana, upper cut, salsa lunge and many other terms and the instructor throws them around and all you think is what does that mean.  

  • What about the quick combinations and trying to keep up with the rest of the class. Simply knowing the difference between your right and left can prove to be tricky.

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